Everything at Your Fingertips

Centralize your clinic operations. AestheticNow keeps track of patient records, manages your sales pipeline and automates your marketing campaigns so you can provide more responsive customer service.

  • Drive automated relationship building and better communication through dynamically updated contact lists.
  • Create and customize medical and consent forms.
  • Store all patient records and photographs in a single, secure, HIPAA-compliant location.
  • Give patients access to their records through a secure patient portal.
  • Track prescription records and identify potential medication interactions with RxPrescribe.

Manage your contacts in one central location

Dynamic Contact List
  • Create dynamic contact lists and track your interactions.
  • Add detailed contact information, including medical history.
  • Automate marketing campaigns to reach targeted audiences.

Keep patient records complete and secure

Patient Records

Securely store all patient information in a single, HIPAA-compliant location.

  • Store patient information, contact information, medical history, treatment plans, photography and prescriptions.
  • Access patient information securely from any location.
  • Safely share patient information with other members of your team.

Create and customize medical and consent forms

Custom Forms
  • Create forms that are tailored to your business.
  • Collect patient information such as medical history and consent to treatment.
  • Get consent for use of photography including promotion.

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Empower your patients

Patient Portal

Increase patient confidence and empower their treatment journeys. Give them quick access to their records through a secure patient portal, where they can: 

  • View their medical history and treatment plans.
  • Request appointments.
  • Your clinic vitals—hours, services, specials, etc.
  • Purchase gift cards.
  • Maintain patient profile.

Save time with electronic prescriptions


Track prescription records, identify possible medication interactions and enable efficient patient communication with ePrescribe.

  • Track medication records for every patient.
  • Identify potential conflicts and interactions among prescribed medications.
  • Securely and accurately submit prescription orders.
  • Generate reports on prescription records.

Create picture-perfect images with RxPhoto


AestheticNow is integrated with RxPhoto, the industry’s most comprehensive photography and patient engagement app. You’ll find everything you need for high-quality patient photos.

  • Use photo guides, ghosting, background removal and lighting features to improve image quality and consistency.
  • Easily organize and store before-and-after patient photos.
  • Use photos to track patient progress and enable treatment plan adjustments for more personalized and effective services.
  • Ensure patient privacy with password-protected access and individualized levels of staff access.
  • Create an online photo gallery to attract new customers and promote your services.
  • Share photo results on social media with one-click posting and accessible photo consent forms.

Connect with patients remotely from anywhere


Use tele-health video conferencing to build better relationships and save patients hours of wait time and commutes. AestheticNow is integrated with for seamless video chat experiences. Easily monitor patient progress and make treatment adjustments from the comfort of your screen. 

  • Quickly schedule HIPAA-compliant virtual appointments through the online booking system.
  • Conduct virtual visits from any device with an internet connection. 
  • Maximize bookings and profits by using video chat for quick appointments between office visits.
  • Use automated confirmation links to prevent no-shows.

Add new levels of detail and accuracy

Treatment Screens

Streamline your practice by organizing all client information in one place. No more searching through paperwork or notes — everything you need is on your screen.

  • Customize treatment screens to capture essential information such as services performed, weight progress, injections, laser procedures and more.
  • Create and record personalized plans and access patient images. 
  • Use visual injection-point mapping to discuss treatment processes.
  • Access patient images directly through their virtual records to track progress, review history and monitor outcomes.
  • Use SOAP notes to document client progress and provide a clear plan for future treatments.
  • Gain valuable insights to evaluate treatment effectiveness and inform treatment adjustments.

Improve check-ins and enhance patient convenience

Pre-appointment Forms

Eliminate manual data entry and reduce input errors with customized pre-appointment forms. Patient information is seamlessly integrated with treatment records for a streamlined solution to more accurate and comprehensive documentation. 

  • Built-in validation checks improve data quality for accurate and reliable patient information.
  • Enhanced security measures protect patient data and privacy and reduce the risk of data breaches.
  • Accessible from anywhere and any device, online forms offer patients convenience and flexibility.

Monitor and document patient weight loss

Weight Loss Tracking

Enhance weight loss programs and empower patients through their wellness journeys. Comprehensive tracking captures essential metrics while documentation and photos help you adjust treatment plans as needed. Easy-to-read charts and auto-calculated BMI make it simple to visualize and document progress.

  • Streamline data management and update patient information efficiently through the intuitive interface.
  • Analyze patient data to identify trends, improve services and attract new customers.
  • Foster motivation and accountability by providing patients with progress images and charts.
  • Create before-and-after photos and testimonials to showcase program success.

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See AestheticNow in action and get all of your questions answered by our experienced team.