Software that Runs Your Entire Operation

Software Designed for All-Around Med Spa Performance

Manage your clinic intuitively, efficiently and effectively. From daily administration to revenue-boosting tools to customer loyalty programs, AestheticNow combines everything your clinic needs in a single platform: scheduling, communication, marketing, billing, inventory and performance.

Track performance in real time

Productivity Tracking & Reporting

The AestheticNow app offers unique productivity and performance tools. You can track the time staff spends on various tasks, identify areas where staff can improve efficiency and create reports on productivity and performance.


Incentivize and motivate your staff

Staff Productivity App

The staff mobile app not only tracks performance to help with clinic reporting and planning, it can also incentivize and motivate staff to achieve goals and track progress. 

  • Empower staff to track their productivity and performance.
  • Staff sets goals for themselves and their teams.
  • You establish rewards that staff may earn for meeting their goals.

Gain critical performance insights


Make data-driven decisions with AestheticNow’s comprehensive reporting tools. Powerful report capabilities are displayed in highly visual dashboards. You’ll gain critical insights about your business, develop a complete performance overview and determine any necessary staff improvements.

  • View comprehensive reporting information on sales, appointments, inventory and customer demographics.
  • Use reports to identify patterns and trends, make informed decisions and optimize your med spa operations.
  • Track financial performance with reports on revenue, expenses and profit margins to identify areas of overspending.
  • Monitor staff members’ performance, recognize top performers and identify areas where additional training or support may be required.
  • Track the popularity and performance of specific treatments and services to make informed decisions about what’s working and what needs to change..
  • Customize your reports based on relevant clinic data and export them for analysis.

Enjoy the seamless experience you deserve

Service & Support

We’re dedicated to giving you the exceptional service and support you expect and deserve. From the moment you join, you’re assigned a dedicated onboarding agent to guide you through the transition and help you make the most of AestheticNow software. 

  • Benefit from the expertise of a dedicated onboarding agent who assists you in fully utilizing AestheticNow.
  • Access AestheticNow Online University from any device for free online training resources such as user guides, FAQs, troubleshooting tips, and interactive training videos that guide users through the most important features of the program.
  • Rely on our friendly tech support representatives via phone, email or chat for prompt assistance and problem-solving.
  • Take advantage of our comprehensive knowledge base for quick access to valuable information and tutorials.
  • Enjoy a fully transparent experience with no hidden setup fees or installation charges.

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